LoraWan and LoraHub


What is LoraWan?

“Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) or Low-Power Network (LPN) is a type of wireless telecommunication wide area network designed to allow long range communications at a low bit rate among things (connected objects), such as sensors operated on a battery.” - Source wikipedia

what is Lora

What is really cool about Lora is that you can build (no license needed) your own private sensors based network at very low prices for IoT.

I am interested in this technology and I am about to do something with it. I just started creating a list of projects examples that are using LoraWan. Please feel free to contribute on github or by sending me an email.

And keep an eye (a.k.a bookmark) on this page lorahub.se (a friend’s project). For more details, the website will face a redesign soon and of course will have new content. If you can’t wait to hear more, send me an email and I will forward it to Kim or read more here (in Swedish).


Written on June 8, 2017