iOS for webDev

webdev apps I love the iPad pro 12’ and I use it for personal and work related tasks. The good news is that its OS is already mature to for serious work and the application ecosystem is getting more powerful. Just as an example, because I have many apps installed, daily there are updates for about 10 apps. Keeping in mind that the iOS Appstore is not that rich as its counterpart for MacOS, choosing the right application can make all the difference. That’s why, I decided to share with you my experience and workflows in this (what will became very soon a long) article. Saying this, I will try to give you a glance of what can you do to move on faster and maybe cheaper, by choosing only the ones that suits you best.

This time I will describe the web development workflow and keeping for another occasion the workflows for project management or design.

I will shortlist a few apps and later on (in this article and in other articles to come), I will go deeper into how can you get the most out of them; how to integrate and how to automate an important part of your daily work.

So, let’s start!

Code editors and IDEs

// I am curently using

- Coda
- Textastic
- GoCoEdit
- DraftCode (PHP IDE)
- Pythonista (Python IDE)
- Playgrounds (Swift IDE)

// I don’t use (anymore)

- Continous (C, F & C++ IDE)
- Codea (Lua IDE)
- ScriptKit (API examples and playground)
- Navicat (DataBase)
- Dringend
- JSPlayground
- Protocode
- Touch Code Pro
- Nautilus Code
- Lisping
- Codinator

System design

- System Designer
- (JSON) Designer

Server interaction

// I use:

- Prompt (SSH terminal)
- Transmit (s/FTP)
- HttpFlow ()
- WebTools (JS commander)
- Working Copy (Git)
- Kat
- Workflow
- RestFull
- SimplePi
- NetAnalyser

// I don’t use:

- Server.
- SSH Automator
- Rest O Matic
- RNPlayNative
- Git2Go


- Dash ([opensource](
- MarginNote P (professional pdf reader client)
- Lrn (learn new development languages - offline)
- Coursera
- Documents (Files and folders management)
- StackExchange (Forum)
- Reeder (RSS reader)
- DP Reference (design systems pics - super simple app)
- iStudiez PRO (study calendar)
- iBooks

Other apps I use

- TextExpander
- iThoughts (mindmapping)
- Editorial (markdown, taskpaper with a python engine)
- Drafts (super easy notes/research taking)
- Launcher
- 1Password (great for knowledge base app)
- OfflinePages (for downloading websites)
- WebTranspiller
- iZip
- Status Board


Written on February 17, 2017