Affinity Photo (now) & Designer (soon) for iPad

my studio apps It didn’t took me long, after I installed the Affinity Photo (by Serif Labs) to realize that I can delete plenty of photo editing apps without regrets. This app puts (back) the Pro in my iPad Pro.

my design apps, resources  and workflows. In the image bellow are my design resources (apps, software, workflows, etc), organized in 1password. On the left side are listed in the ‘design’ folder and on the right side, are listed by ‘design’ tag. As you can see, I tried many apps, but I must say that I am amazed by the power of this Affinity Photo.

I can’t wait to install Affinity Designer so I can free some precious space on my 128gb iPad Pro, removing many vectorial apps. Luckily, Matt confirms on twitter and Procreate Forums that Designer is “going to happen - and it’s not far away from now”.

Affinity Photo can be found here. And I strongly recommend their vimeo account for in depth video tutorials for the iPad version or this resources for the desktop version.

I expect that this fall my design workflow is about to be changed a lot. Procreacte is preparing a ‘very special release’ (as they wrote in today’s mini update), Omnigraffle 3 is in beta (I am testing it) and Autodesk’s ‘Graphic’ is also preparing a new serious update (I know from my sources). Concepts is constantly coming with new features but unfortunately, one app I like very much for UX/UI and prototyping - Protosketch - is moving very slow… maybe too slow. I would probably say the same thing about Grafio3.

my iPad second screen


Written on June 7, 2017